Withdrawal from The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

By: Hayley Mignacca

Anybody that watches the notorious and beloved TV phenomenon, The Walking Dead, knows that the hiatus for the show is much too long. The season usually begins in October and goes 8 weeks/episodes to December. There is then a two month break until February, where the show returns for the 8 final weeks/episodes. Once the show ends in March, there is a 6 MONTH wait for the new season of the amazingly entertaining AMC gem.

If you are one of the few people left in this world that does not “time shift” or “binge watch”, then the wait is even more torturous. The 16 episode ride is filled with ups and downs, tirelessly magnificent action, heart racing, on-the-edge-of-your-seat drama, interwoven and brilliant character revelations, and simply the best that today’s television has to offer. If you are a super fan of the show, the only solace in the wait is the idea that the next season will probably top any expectations and the fact that AMC is generous enough to bless us with marathons every so often. Last year that idea culminated in a weekend long #DeadWhite&Blue marathon on the fourth of July. Every season and every episode being shown in order. Yes, this launches the most dedicated and passionate fans into a Walking Dead heaven of sorts.

The Walking Dead brings about this withdrawal that cannot be explained in words. It is an obsession and a mind boggling kidnapping scheme that encompasses any bit of capacity to stay patient. If there is anything fun about having to go through this ordeal, it may be the clever Instagram posts that The Walking Dead nails every time. It basically conveys that The Walking Dead fans are all going through the same sort of struggle. Usually the posts are a picture from a scene during the season when a character is at their lowest emotionally and physically. It is then followed by a hilarious caption in regards to how much we miss the show as fans and how the wait seems too long. They are pretty fantastic.

It possibly would be a great idea if the show’s producers or AMC executives came up with the brilliant idea of rounding the random 16 episode season, to an even and bold 20 episode season. That really would be a fabulous success, and expense wise, fans could help out anyway possible, to fund that sort of project. As addicts of the show, the withdrawal is painful but the reward is in the notion that the show’s producers are crafting the detailed excellence we have come to love about The Walking Dead. Every moment of the intense and unforgiving drama relieves any of the tumultuous tension that missing the show unveiled. The new episodes will also give us the power to defend our precious series, as people still continue to misunderstand the concept of zombies and the apocalypse and the shows innate ability to fly far over the heads of the expected, predictable, and corny. It needs to be watched to be appreciated, and the fact that withdrawal does exist, just shows how The Walking Dead has succeeded on numerously outstanding levels.

The Walking Dead

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