Top Great Comic Stories: Thor


By: Mark Lynch

This week, Ladies and gentlemen, we have daring tales of the god of thunder himself. These are five of my favorite Thor stories of all time. These issues and arcs tell a different side of Thor. It isn’t all about beating people with a hammer. Thor is much more than that.

5. Thor Ragnarok
Loki finally has his day and beats Thor and all the gods of Asgard.

Issues: Avengers Disassembled Thor
Writer: Michael Deming
Artist: Andrea Devito

Reason to Read:
This arc has a very Shakespearian vibe and the artwork is beautiful.

4. A God on His Day Off
Thor does more than hit people with lightning and his hammer.

Issue: Thor God of Thunder #12
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Nic Klein

Reason to Read:
Young Thor explains his love for Midgard, Thor now does his many godly deeds that doesn’t involve fighting, and All Father Thor visits an old friend.

3. Family Fight
Loki puts the last part of his plan to get rid of Thor into action

Issue: Thor #600
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Olivier Coipel

Reason to Read:
Thor fights Odin’s more powerful father Bor.

2. Young and Brash Thor
What was Thor like before he was a savior of man? Tough, bold, strong, and a bit of an a-hole.

Issues: Thor one shots but one story.
Thor: Ages of Thunder
Thor: Reign of Blood
Thor: Man of War

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Patrick Zircher

Reason to Read:
You get the non-movie version of why Odin cast his son from the Asgard.

1. Thor Returns
After sleeping for years, Thor awakens and rebuilds Asgard.

Issues: Thor Volume 1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Olivier Coipel

Reason to Read:
Thor visits places all over the world in need of aid and shines a light on the problems and the lack of help. He also beats the snot out of Iron Man.

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