Top gifts for comic book lovers

Christmas Joker

By: Mark Lynch

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m sure you haven’t figured out what to get certain people in your life. The good news is that I am going to make your life so much easier. If you have someone in your life that loves comic books and comic book stuff, I have some perfect gift ideas for you. And even if they don’t like comic books, I’m sure some of these will give you some great ideas anyway.

Lets start off easy with movies. DVDs and Blu rays are an easy solution to the gift giving problem. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t extremely expensive either. So here are some nerdy movies to purchase.

Guardians of the Galaxy: While the movie may not have come out recently, it is still a great buy for anyone. It’s full of comedy, action, and has an exciting story and cast on top of all of that.

Tim Burton’s Batman: It may not have been the series that started it all, but it is definitely a classic movie that still holds up twenty years later. And Batman Returns is perfect since it is technically a Christmas movie.

The Avengers: The movie that has been called the greatest comic book movie of all time by many. Almost every comic book fan has this movie in their collection, but maybe they lost or broke it at some point. Getting them a new copy would make their day.

Superman: Since Christopher Reeve was the man who made these movies popular, this would be a great nostalgia pick up. The movie may be a bit dated, but it’s still fun and any real fan of comics will smile after receiving this even if they never take it out of the plastic wrapping.

Dark Knight Trilogy: The most recent Batman trilogy that fans absolutely love. The best part is you might be able to find a Collector’s Edition Box Set.

Fantastic Four: The 2015 version was terrible. I have yet to meet a person who has enjoyed this movie.

Superman Returns: While the acting by Brandon Routh wasn’t the issue, the story was trash.

Wolverine Origins: Deadpool looks like Baraka. It ruined the movie.

Spider-Man or X-Men 3: Let’s just forget these movies exist.

Batman and Robin: While I may love this movie, let us not forget Bat nipples. This would make a good gag gift though.

A step up from buying movies. What makes this gift so good is that you can somewhat be greedy and buy a show that you want them to catch up on because it’s good.

Smallville: Can’t go wrong here. It’s not as corny or cheesy as Superman is, but it still stays true to its characters all while giving it a new twist.

Arrow: You can’t go anywhere without at least one person talking about how good the show is. Even people who don’t like comics enjoy it.

Justice League or Justice League Unlimited: The second best animated comic book show of all time. Seconded only to…

Batman: The Animated Series: Not only the best animated comic book show, maybe the best cartoon of all time.

Daredevil: Brutal. Smart. Creative. Very realistic…well, considering he’s a blind lawyer with super powers.

comic 2

It’s so much easier to buy comics when the entire series is finished. It’s like binge watching your favorite show.

Old Favorites
Batman: The Killing Joke: Joker Goes too far and you finally get to find out the connection between the two.

X-Men: Proteus: The X-Men fight Professor Xavier’s son and he has the power to warp reality.

Secret War: The world’s greatest Marvel heroes (including the X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man, and more) and villains (Dr. Doom, Molecule Man, Wrecking Crew, and more) are brought together to battle.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past: Find out what really happened and not the movie story.

New Classics
Secret War (2004): Nick Fury is known for saving the world by any means necessary but this time he might have gone too far.

Death of Wolverine: The last tale of the best there is.

Batman: The Court of Owls: Batman fights a legend that ends up being a force decades older than he is. You get to see Batman really tested physically and mentally.

The New Avengers: Particularly the series that were published after Civil War. See Luke Cage lead his team through all sorts of trials and tribulations. From being chased by Iron Man and the government, to trust issues due to a Skrull invasion, to Norman Osborn chasing them down.

Lastly, there is a ton of randomness that can be bought with a simple trip to your local comic book store or Newbury Comics for stocking stuffers.

T-shirts: Almost every clothing store has comic book shirts since they are so popular right now. On top of that, you can probably find some good ones at Old Navy or Target in the clearance section.

Funko: These are figures that come in a variety of categories. Comics books, current and classic movies and shows, music, and many more. They are usually around twenty bucks so it’s not necessarily bank breaking and make for great gifts for people who work desk jobs.

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