Top five reasons to visit The Maritime Aquarium


The Maritime Aquarium is the perfect place to head to on spring break with the family, on a date, or just a way to make a Sunday a little less lazy. Here are five reasons why you need to visit The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut.


They include Jiggle a Jelly where patrons can touch the tops of live moon jellies and the shark and ray touch pool has an underwater viewing area for children. There’s also the Interidal Touch Tank which offers an interactive experience where visitors can feel sea stars and different crabs.


The IMAX Theater at The Maritime Aquarium is the largest in Connecticut. If you’re already heading to the aquarium it makes sense to see an IMAX film as well and you can save money with a combo ticket. I saw the mesmerizing and intense Great White Shark. It’s definitely worth the extra money and other IMAX films running through May 21 include Islands of Lemurs: Madagascar, Born to be Wild, and Humpback Whales. Did you miss Interstellar the first time around on IMAX and 70mm? The IMAX Theater at The Maritime Aquarium is giving you a chance to see the film that won an Oscar for Best Special Effects. It will be showing this weekend only on April 18 and 19.


The Sting Gallery is filled with glowing jellyfish and is surrounded by benches and soft lighting. It’s quite tranquil to sit down and just watch the jellyfish move about while listening to some relaxing music that plays overhead.


Education is a strong focus of The Maritime Aquarium. They don’t have Nile River tanks or Amazon River tanks but Long Island Sound tanks. A large majority of patrons live within the watershed of the Long Island Sound and affect it. They even have activity sheets and scavenger hunts to make the trip even more exciting for children and the occasional adult.


The cost of admission would be worth it to witness the shark dive alone. While waiting for the shark dive to begin children and adults made their way to the huge glass window. There were countless shark shirts worn by excited kids waiting for the diver to enter the water. A staff member on the outside was able to relay questions from visitors to the diver while he was in the water which was incredible. It was wonderful to see so many children stimulated by learning, and without a television or game in front of them.

These are only the top five reasons to visit The Maritime Aquarium and there are many more so head there for a visit today.

Rose Rundown