Top 10 Binge-worthy TV Shows On Netflix



While we all freeze our asses off this weekend and throughout winter there’s plenty to keep you entertained on Netflix. With over 60 titles cut as of January 1st there are still quite a few to choose from. Even if you don’t end up watching some of these shows at least watch and appreciate the classic trailers for some of them. So make a hot cup of soup, cocoa, or coffee, or even some popcorn and curl up with a blanket and enjoy.

House of Cards

Check out this political thriller starring Kevin Spacey. Warning: You WILL get hooked by the trailer so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Season 2 premieres on 2/14/14.

Pretty Little Liars

Yes I said it. I was one of the people bitching about how ridiculously stupid this show looked BUT it’s actually VERY well written with jaw dropping plot twists. This suspenseful teen drama is the love child of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Gossip Girl.

The Killing

It’s a riveting crime thriller that follows the investigation of a killer in Seattle. Each episode equals one day that the victim has been missing.


Beware you’re in for a scare….or you’ll be laughing your ass off, either way you’re set.

Breaking Bad

One of the greatest shows of all time and it’s hard to believe that people STILL haven’t seen it. So listen up BITCH and watch this incredible fan made trailer of Season 1 and start it tonight.

The Following

Kevin Bacon hunts down a serial killer, enough said.

Saved By The Bell

I’m soooooo excited! Aren’t you?

The X Files

This is one of the few timeless shows. You can go back and watch The X Files and still appreciate how phenomenal the writing and acting still is. If you haven’t seen The X Files, maybe it was a show you missed growing up, the only advice I would give you is start from episode one. BELIEVE me.

Law and Order: SVU

Yes there’s always a marathon on USA but by watching it on Netflix you can customize your very own marathon. Still not convinced, check out one of the greatest intros ever.

Justice League Unlimited

If you were living under a rock like me you may have only recently started watching Justice League but Justice League Unlimited brings these heroes to a whole new level. Although new heroes are introduced every episode, your core team is always around.

Rose Rundown