‘The Woman in the Window’ is a modern day Hitchcockian thriller

the woman in the window

The Woman in the Window is a modern day Hitchcockian thriller. It centers around the unreliable narration of Anna Fox, a former psychologist, trapped in her own home due to agoraphobia. Bits and pieces of her own story are revealed to the reader while at the same time she witnesses a violent crime. She is questioned by others and by herself and author, A.J. Finn, doesn’t just provide one twist but multiple jaw dropping moments for the reader.

A. J. Finn has mentioned being inspired by Rear Window and other Alfred Hitchcock thrillers. I’ve read multiple articles and interviews regarding the inspiration behind The Woman and the Window and the vulnerability that Finn includes on every page is remarkable. I suffer from anxiety and depression and at times feel trapped and overwhelmed in my own home. Finn writes this so well and has discussed his own battle with mental illness and this shows on every unsettling page. Finn delivers such tension that you’ll want to drink as much Merlot as Anna does.

The Woman in the Window is available now and will soon be adapted to film. Finn says he tried to view mental illness and its miseries through the lens of a thriller and he succeeded through the tension of this debut thriller, by an author that is making a lasting mark in the evergrowing market of thrillers.

Rose Rundown