The Dress Debate | The Object That Divided a Planet | Make A Change


By: Hayley Mignacca

DressBy now, anyone with access to a computer, smart phone, TV, or human being, has heard about “The Dress” controversy. Is it black and blue or white and gold? The internet blew up and one lone object has captivated and divided the planet. Scientific explanations, optical illusion experts, celebrities, and all the regular folk, have had their say in this great yet simply sad debate. Americans and other people around the world have seemed to move aside their lives or anything else of importance to create the time to argue with one another about the color of a dress. It is a shocking yet somewhat predictable display of what society has become. Logically considering the mere humor of the situation; families, friends, co-workers, students, teachers, boys, girls, children, adults, the elderly and countless random others have been bickering over the color of an object. To put it in the simplest of terms, it is a very concerning way to make evident, what kind of world we have become.

If people spent the dedication, passion, time, energy, and resources that they have been using to argue over an object, to foster a movement of change on world issues, then we would actually make a difference. Just imagine putting this kind of lime light on world hunger, or publicizing in great length, homelessness and poverty, we would actually be productive. Let us spend countless hours tweeting, posting, blogging, sharing, disseminating ways to make a difference instead of doing the latter in regards to an object and a stupid argument. People’s attention gets caught by miscellaneous and un-understandable garbage, usually by the means of the media. There is a pinpoint way to get a message spread and a debate ablaze (via the internet), so next time we decide to have our voice heard, let us spread something worth being a part of. Worth our time and something that will make a difference.


Rose Rundown