The Black Moons release new EP ‘Less Talk…More Beard’


Written By: Matt Frati

If you’re a music lover like me, there’s little that compares to discovering a new band, an obscure gem hidden among the vast assortment of groups and performers out there. For those looking for an indie band with an eclectic sound and catchy, instantly memorable songs, then Boston’s own The Black Moons is the right group to listen to next. Their latest EP, Less Talk…More Beard, offers up four new tracks, including the single “Waiting by the Phone”, all of which are sure to hook you with their catchy melodies and blend of musical styles, both classic and modern sounding.

Originating from Philadelphia, this Boston based group released their first LP, Half-Hearted and Climbing in September of last year. Less Talk…More Beard, with its eye catching 60’s inspired, psychedelic cover art continues their quest to infuse their classic rock, folk and soul influences with a modern sound. The EP kicks off with “Only Got the Night”, a catchy, driving rocker with a splash of country flavor and an impossible to forget melody. The background harmonies add richness to the song and the swells of organ provide a distinct 60’s influence that brightens up the whole track, making for the perfect album opener.

The EP’s single, “Waiting by the Phone” cools thing off a bit with a bright acoustic intro and some intricate high hat work before the song opens up into another hook laden chorus complimented with some nice background vocals. “Wave of Love”, the third track, adds some wonderful brass for a splashy, energetic tune that sounds like it could’ve come right out of the late 60’s Philly soul scene. The track opens with a building wave of sound that explodes into this swinging, soulful number featuring a jaunty piano break and a great sax solo.

The closing track “This is Not the End” kicks off with an almost marching band drum rhythm before it opens up into another rocker with a killer guitar solo and great background harmonies. The song is an excellent closer for the EP, driving it all home with yet another tune that instantly sticks in your head. Although only four tracks long, the songs on Less Talk…More Beard offer up a wonderful grab bag of different musical styles and sounds sure to hook you right away with catchy melodies and get you moving with their energetic and driving rhythms. The EP is available for digital download on their site, where you’re welcome to name your own price. If you’re searching around for a new, unique band, I’d strongly recommend giving The Black Moons a listen; I guarantee you’ll come back for more.

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