Thanksgiving TV Watch List


It’s that time of year….NO not Christmas! Thanksgiving! Turkey Day! There are a number of television shows that plenty of Thanksgiving episodes to choose from. These are not by any means ALL of the Thanksgiving themed episodes but a bunch of my favorites for all tastes. I’ve listed where to watch them if it’s blank put a hold on it at your local public library! Gobble gobble!

Bob’s Burgers | S3/EP5, S4/EP5, S5/EP4, S6/EP4, S7/EP6 Hulu
Boy Meets World | S4/EP10 Hulu
Buffy the Vampire Slayer | S4/EP8 Hulu
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving | ABC.COM
Dawson’s Creek | S3/EP8 Hulu
Dexter | S4EP9
Family Guy | S10EP6, S13/EP5 Netflix
Felicity | S1EP9, S2EP8, S4EP8 Hulu
Frasier | S4EP7 Netflix
Friday Night Lights | S4EP13
Full House | S1EP9 Hulu
Gossip Girl | S1EP9, S2EP11, S3EP11, S4EP10, S6EP8 Netflix
Grey’s Anatomy | S2/EP9, S6/EP10 Netflix
Home Improvement | S4/EP9 Hulu
How I Met Your Mother | S1EP9, S3EP9, S5EP2, S6EP10, S7EP11 Netflix (EXPIRES NOVEMBER 12th)
Modern Family | S3EP9, S6EP8
New Girl | S1EP6, S2EP8, S3EP10, S4EP9, S6EP7 Netflix
Parenthood | S2/EP10 Netflix
Seinfeld | S8EP7 Hulu
South Park | S15EP13, S17EP7 Hulu
That 70’s Show | S1/EP9 Netflix
The O.C. | S1EP11 Hulu
The Office | S7EP9 Netflix
The Simpsons | S2EP7
The Vampire Diaries | S6EP8 Netflix

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