The Only One In Your Way | Satellite Sound | Video of the Week | 8.1.13


Satellite Sound starts off reminding you of The xx. I’m very excited to see a band doing non-traditional rock in Boston. As “The Only One In Your Way” continues though the band shows their ability to rock. The video is… Continue Reading

Came Back Haunted | Nine Inch Nails | Video Of The Week | 7.3.13


Nine Inch Nails have recently released a music video to go along with their latest single “Came Back Haunted” which is off of their upcoming album Hesitation Marks set to be released 9/3/13. It’s an incredibly visually stimulating video but… Continue Reading

Bad Harmonies | HookerClops | Video of the Week | 6.26.13


  HookerClops’ music video for “Bad Harmonies” made our video of the week here on Rose Rundown. It’s short, sweet, and silly and quite entertaining to watch. Help them celebrate their Dumb EP release this weekend at Cantab Lounge. Even… Continue Reading