Stormbreaker Brewing’s Brewstillery Festival satisified alcohol aficionados

Brewstillery Festival

This past weekend Stormbreaker Brewing presented their fourth annual Brewstillery Festival. Held on the corner of N Beech St and Mississippi Ave, right outside of their brick and mortar brewery, the festival paired twenty-one breweries with twenty distilleries from throughout Oregon. The festival has been an annual tradition for four years now. From the attendance this past weekend, I would wager heavily that they’ll make it to five.

Crowds of alcohol aficionados and fun-seekers clustered around the festival booths, trying the unique pairings of beer and spirits that were on offer. In the big tent there was adequate room to wander from purveyor to purveyor without having to squeeze by too many people. At one end of the tent, music livened the atmosphere.

Half of the available beverages were served exclusively in the smaller and quieter second tent. This section of the event also offered additional beers served from Stormbreaker’s outdoor taps.
It’s difficult to narrow the field of my favorites from such interesting and amazing pairings as were on offer at Brewstillery Fest. But among the top contenders were Step off the Trail and Mountain Town Mule. Step off the Trail is a beautiful pairing by Migration Brewing and Hood River Distillers; Migration’s Milk stout is a rich base for the lovely 8-Year Kentucky Bourbon by Hood River, the pairing brings out the fine honey and woody notes of the whiskey. Mountain Town Mule was paired for us by Wild Ride Brewing and Bendstillery. Wild Ride’s Tarty to the Party ale is a light sour ale that is crisp and has a great fruity finish. The Crystal Lake Sweet Ginger Vodka is delicate and crisp with a nicely balanced sweet ginger flavor. Coalition Brewing and 4 Spirits Distillery paired up for their Space Spice! This rad combo takes the quaint tart IPA goodness of the Space Fruit Citrus and sets it up with Habanero Spiced Rum. The result is a drink that’s earthy and peppery, without much heat, but with plenty of heady aromas from the hops and the pepper.

Missed the festival? Don’t worry. Stormbreaker Brewing opens daily at 11 a.m. with food and their fantastic selection of brews. Stormbreaker will be releasing several new beers this month, among them are the Good, Not Great Imperial Rye Red, March 14th and the Hazy… So Hot Right Now, March 16th, be sure to stop by and try all that Stormbreaker has to offer.

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