Silversun Pickups release first track off of ‘Better Nature’ and it’s flawless

"Nightlight" music video by Silversun Pickups

Written By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

Silversun Pickups have finally released the first single off of their upcoming release Better Nature. The track is called “Nightlight” and after viewing the music video three times and listening to the track nine times and counting it’s safe to say this record is going to be their best yet. If you get your hands on the single by pre-ordering Better Nature within ten seconds of the track you’re hooked. Being a huge Silversun Pickups fan I pre-ordered the album via PledgeMusic already so I received the album version of the track. You can watch the music video which is more of a disturbing and riveting short film directed by Mark Pellington. The video will leave imprints of creepy and haunting images in your head yet you’ll want to watch it again….and again. There’s always that moment right before you listen to a new track by one of your favorite bands and you hope it’s incredible. Well “Nightlight” wildly exceeded my musical expectations. It’s dark, heavy, and brilliant. Better Nature will be released September 25 and with a new record comes a tour. We want it!

Rose Rundown