‘Searching for John Hughes’ by Jason Diamond

searching for john hughes

Written By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

Jason Diamond is a huge fan of not only John Hughes, but ‘80s movies in general. This unconventional and hilarious memoir, Searching for John Hughes: Or Everything I Thought I Needed to Know About Life I Learned by Watching ‘80s Movies is filled with stories of growing up in Chicago suburbia in a broken home. It’s not all about John Hughes films but a combination of his infatuation with those nostalgic and heartfelt films, and his life in Chicago and later, New York.

While Diamond’s story is interesting I did feel with the cover of the book and the blurb that there would be more John Hughes and The Breakfast Club. If you don’t go into it expecting that it will definitely be a worthwhile read. Diamond pursued his dreams and although he didn’t end up where he thought he would be, he found a place even better while Searching for John Hughes.

Rose Rundown