R.L. Stine to release, ‘Don’t Stay Up Late’, second in Fear Street relaunch


Don't Stay Up Late_COVERR.L. Stine changed young adult literature with his horror series Goosebumps in 1992 but his unforgettable series, Fear Street, began even before Goosebumps in 1989. In 2014, 25 years after the first book of the Fear Street series was released, R.L. Stine revives the series with “Party Games”. His latest Fear Street book, “Don’t Stay Up Late”, is being released tomorrow, April 7.

R.L. Stine has said on his official site that the Fear Street series wouldn’t have returned it wasn’t for Twitter. One Fear Street fan reached out, 15 years after the series had been retired, pleading for more. This turned into more and more fans reaching out to Stine. He was surprised and humbled at the response he was receiving on Twitter.

Stine decided he wanted to bring the series back to life but unfortunately it was rejected over and over again by a number of publishing companies. He told his fans on Twitter that sadly it didn’t look like the series was going to return…that was until an editor from St. Martin’s Press decided to approve the release of six new Fear Street books.

StineRLCreditDanNelkenAs an author that has been called, “the Stephen King of children’s literature” it’s exciting for longtime fans of the Fear Street series to be able to read something new. I’m 30 years oldand remember reading my first Fear Street book, “The New Girl”, at the age of 10. I would sit in bed with just a flashlight and fall asleep reading until I would awake from nightmares. Stine’s writing was exhilarating and suspenseful then, and continues to be now, in the reawakening of Fear Street.

After reading “Don’t Stay Up Late” and then rereading the first book of the Fear Street series, “The New Girl”, I can confidently say that Stine supplies the same twists and turns fans have experienced before. Fans are able to read “Don’t Stay Up Late” with ease and will want to speed through it. One of Stine’s biggest strengths continues to be his ability to evoke such vivid and sometimes unsettling descriptions for his readers.

“Don’t Stay Up Late” is entertaining and thrilling. If you’re a fan of R.L. Stine don’t even read the summary of the book, just open it and start reading. If you really need a taste of what to expect here it is. A horrifying accident for Lisa leads to hallucinations and nightmares but that’s only the beginning, before the murders start on the evil and haunted Fear Street. Horrible things may happen on Fear Street after dark but fans will want to stay up late to finish this nail biting thriller.

For long-time fans “Don’t Stay Up Late” gives them an opportunity to take a nostalgic trip to Shadyside and newcomers a chance if they dare. You’re never too old for a good scare.

Rose Rundown