REVIEW | Pho Countryside Vietnamese Restaurant | Rose Rundown


By: Stephanie Rose and Ken Chappell


IMG_8254 Hidden in one of the many strip malls in Quincy it’s easy to miss this delightful gem and all of its charm. As patrons enter Pho Countryside they are surrounded by a simple and contemporary décor with each table adorned with handmade garnishes. Customers are greeted by friendly staff and the owner Bao, who chats with regulars and checks in with new patrons. Before devouring a plate head over to the bar and grab a seat and a refreshing and smooth Singha Thai Lager Beer or a classic and comforting Mai Tai.

Nem Cuon | Grilled pork pattie spring rolls

Nem Cuon | Grilled pork pattie spring rolls

After your thirst is satiated try the fresh Nem Cuon, grilled pork pattie spring rolls, that will satisfy savory meat cravings with its rich taste and fantastic texture. If your tastes are more on the traditional end the Goi Cuon, spring rolls, filled with shrimp that is so fresh you’d think you were sitting beside the ocean. Both rolls served with a peanut sauce garnished with fresh nuts.

IMG_8265 Prefer a hot appetizer? Then try the Bo Lui, Vietnamese Style beef teriyaki, served on skewers, glazed with the perfect amount of teriyaki which is sweet but not overpowering and with fresh, orange glazed carrots on the side.

Com Bo Luc Lac

Com Bo Luc Lac

A delicious beef option for the main course would be the Com Bo Luc Lac which consists of Vietnamese Shaking Beef with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, fish sauce on the side, and egg fried rice. The beef overall was cooked delicately however a few pieces were a bit overly saturated with the sauce and may be improved by being served with hot vegetables rather than raw. The egg fried rice was substantial, cooked perfectly, and had just a right touch of hot sauce which made it savory and satisfying but not heavy.

IMG_8285-2 If you prefer seafood Tom/Muc Rang Muoi, salt and pepper lightly breaded shrimp, stir fried with onions, red and green peppers and served on a bed of lettuce would be a wonderful option. It’s a necessity to accompany it with an order of the fried rice, a different one then described above. This fried rice is served with cubed carrots and peas and is slightly on the sweeter and buttery side.

Customers are left feeling satisfied but not stuffed this is largely to do with the owner, Bao, hunting down high quality ingredients even if it’s on the North Shore. Whether it’s for a family occasion or a romantic one, Pho Countryside is the perfect combination of mouth-watering cuisine, attentive service, and a comforting atmosphere.


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