REVIEW | Mel Got Served | The Bachelorette: But First Let Me Mime a Selfie



By: Melissa Sullivan

Goodbye USA and bonjour Marseille, France! “It’s the perfect place to fall in love,” Andi says and will likely say about five more times when they change countries. Before the week of dates begin, Chris Harrison meets Andi at a cafe rocking a sweet turtleneck to ask if she’s falling in love. “STOOOOOP!” Andi says. Catchphrase alert! Josh the baseball player who skeeves me out gets the first solo date of the week. They grab some sandwiches to go before making out on a boat. Despite not wanting to be pigeon-holed as an athlete, Josh talks about how we was a 2nd round draft but stopped because he wanted a family. Suuuuuure Josh…(READ MORE).

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