REVIEW | Boston Calling Music Festival | Saturday and Sunday September 5-6 | Rose Rundown

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Written By: Lance Riley

It appears that the 90 degree heat teamed up with Bleachers’ high energy show, was too much to handle for Boston Calling on Saturday, and they were forced to close up shop. They blamed it on weather but I’m pretty sure they were afraid people might explode without a little break before Lorde and Childish Gambino took the stage. In all seriousness though, Bowery made the right call and took the safety of music fans with the highest priority. Several banners from the red stage came down along with damages to fences around the park from the high winds that ripped through the downtown area.

Fans were excited to see Girl Talk and Volcano Choir, so their sets being canceled could have left a bad taste in some ticket buyers mouths, but Lorde and Childish Gambino were able to smooth things over with incredible performances.

This was a complete contrast to Sunday though, where there wasn’t a cloud in the sky the whole day. The Sunday lineup resonated the most for its lineup and musical styles. It was certainly the most exciting out of all three days. Twenty One Pilots put on a great dynamic show with lots of energy featuring a medley of covers going into “House Of Gold”. Their version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love’ is well worth checking out.

The 1975s‘ Matt Healy won the award for best rock star hair and wooed fans with his voice and even had one fan right up on stage with him to steal a kiss before she left. Spoon came back in a big way with new member Alex Fischel on guitar and keyboards after a four year hiatus and played one of their best sets of all time. “Inside Out” from their new album “They Want My Soul” was a crowd favorite along with “I Turn My Camera On” and “Black Like Me”.

The Replacements were tight, but a little hard for a younger crowd to get into. I’m sad I haven’t followed their music too much over the years but they’re all still a bunch of characters and did make the whole day more well rounded. The night ended with Nas with The Roots celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Illmatic”. I was hoping for a whole show with Nas and The Roots but it ended up being more like two small sets combined into one featuring only a single song where they all shared the stage. Rain or shine there was something for everyone’s taste as Boston Calling is always able to deliver, satisfying every fan’s musical hunger.

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