REVIEW | Boston Calling Music Festival | Part 2 | Rose Rundown


Written By: Matthew Koentojoro


Once again, Boston Calling Music Festival filled City Hall Plaza with its exciting, sold out, three-day concert festival featuring head-line performances from Jack Johnson, Death Cab for Cutie, and Modest Mouse. This year’s event endured the fickle New England spring weather, between a downpour Saturday night and a warm and sunny Sunday, and it never let Boston’s spirit for music waiver.

The thousands attending this year’s event found greater selection in food and concession than the previous year’s event, along with ease of access. As the annual concert series continues to gain momentum, more and more sponsors are jumping on to promote their brands. The general admission had a huge line for the Chipotle vendors. Food? Why is that important? It’s likely the more sponsors the festival brings, the larger the performer bill can be for the next season’s show. It may be a sign that even bigger and better Boston Callings are on the horizon!

The Boston Calling festivals have served to showcase some of the up and coming musicians and expose the wide age range of patrons to various sounds. This year held a handful of great bands that rocked while not headlining, especially the Districts, the Neighborhood, and Tegan and Sara.

If you haven’t yet walked the City Hall Plaza cobblestone during this wild and high spirited festival, you are sadly missing out on the making of a new Boston tradition. Whether you’re familiar with all the bands, some, or none at all, VIP or general admission, young or old or hipster or sports fan, pick up a ticket for the next event and join the thousands of handsome and beautiful people at this amazing three day show. Just remember to act fast when it comes calling- this festivals sells out quickly for a reason.

Rose Rundown