RECAP | Girls Season 3 | Rose Rundown


Written By: Kristen Fiandaca


After a long-awaited arrival, HBO’s TV series Girls; a show centered on a group of post-collegiate, twenty-something’s “almost getting it kind of together” finally returns for its third season. Despite last season’s ups and downs including Hannah’s newly established book deal, and Jessa’s mysterious disappearance, we’re left on a heart-warming note in a scene where a shirtless Adam runs to Hannah’s rescue after she has an OCD-induced breakdown.

The first episode titled “Females Only” opens with Hannah and Adam curled up in bed together. Marnie, who professed her love to Charlie at the end of season two is now dumped and lovesick, being urged to “move on” by her mother. Shoshanna proclaims that she’s balancing “nights of freedom” with academia, and continues to drop funny one-liners. We also find out what Jessa’s been up to—looking utterly bored as she begrudgingly sits through group therapy sessions in rehab.
The “Truth or Dare” episode carries us through woodsy upstate New York as Hannah, Adam, and Shoshanna embark on a road trip to retrieve Jessa from rehab. The episode opens with a hilarious scene between Hannah and Shoshanna singing along to Maroon 5’s “One More Time” and Adam looking completely mortified.

Adam has some surprising moments of maturity in the first two episodes. He offers sincere advice to a depressed Marnie about relationships and finding the right person. He also no longer holds the title of just “friends with benefits” with Hannah but instead has developed something more meaningful with her. And as Shoshanna cutely points out: “Adam was there for you when you went totally bat shit insane and decided to cut your hair like a little boy on a fancy cookie box.”

We’ve seen quite a change in Hannah who appears to be more intact as opposed to previous seasons; think back to season two when she performed an impulsive haircut on herself and reached her ultimate breaking point by jamming a Q-tip in her ear.

We quickly learn that Jessa is very good at masking her vulnerability. There was some foreshadowing of this in season two during an emotional scene with her father, but Hannah says it quite best in a conversation with Shoshanna: “Jessa is no bowl of cherries. I know that she is beautiful and I know that she is glamorous, but she has this deep well of sadness inside her that most people don’t detect.”

“Truth or Dare” ended up on a much needed note; with Hannah confessing to Jessa how much she missed her and how hurt she was at her sudden departure. We’re left with Jessa falling asleep on Hannah’s shoulder during the car ride back to the city—surely an interesting precursor for what’s to come next for the rest of the season.

Rose Rundown