‘Punisher War Zone’ | Weekend Watch

Punisher War Zone 1

By: Mark Lynch

Some of you may have heard that Daredevil Season Two premiered today. Many of you are probably going to binge watch it. When you start to suffer from a Daredevil overdose, I have a movie that will keep you on a Marvel high. Not only that, a character from the show stars in this movie. This weekend watch is none other than Punisher Warzone.

You may have heard the reviews of this movie and they were probably less than favorable. sadly, those opinions are probably somewhat true. Like all opinions, everybody has one and sometimes they are overcritical. First off, it’s an action movie. 80% of action flicks do not have a deep meaning or amazing acting. We go to see them to be wooed by the fight scenes, explosions, and witty (sometimes cheesy), dialogue. Punisher Warzone has all of this in spades and so much more.

The absolute best thing about Punisher War Zone is they spend almost no time on the origin of Frank Castle becoming the Punisher. We know how it happened and if we don’t know we can Google it. Warzone gets right into it. A less than thirty-second conversation between two detectives about what the Punisher has been up to and BOOM, there you have it. You are then introduced to the villains, you’re given a reason to hate them, and then the Punisher comes in and kills some people in a comical and brutal way. After the first big fight, like Joker in the 80’s Batman, the main protagonist doesn’t die but is brought back deformed and crazy. All of this happens in the first fifteen minutes and there is still so much more to come that’s great.

Punisher War Zone 3

Acting: 4
The only thing I can’t defend is some of the acting. Some of it is absolutely deplorable. Whenever I write a review, I try my best not to take a strong negative opinion on parts of the movie. So I will just say that the only people that I can say were actually good actors in this movie are Ray Stevenson (Frank Castle), Dominic West (Jigsaw), and Colin Salmon (Paul Budiansky). Everyone else is…less than average.

Writing: 9
As a fan of the comic books, Nick Santora, Arrt Marcum, and Matt Holloway did a fantastic job capturing everything that Frank Castle is. While he is a murderer and a killer, he has a heart and cares more than people who don’t read Punisher comics would think. It’s one of the subtle things that make this movie great.

Action: 10
Flat out, the action was not only good, but damn good. Frank did’t go far out of his range with spin kicks and back flips because that’s not what is done. But it does have the over the top action that you’d expect from an action movie. One last thing, people had to reload their guns. People not reloading their guns is a pet peeve that many viewers have. While it may be a small group of people that get annoyed by this, it’s something that shows attention to detail.

Punisher War Zone 2

Movie Rating: 5
Action Movie Rating: 7

A good movie for people who enjoy dark action movies. Now, if you’re going into this expecting The Avengers or Batman, Punisher War Zone is NOT the movie for you.

Rose Rundown