PREVIEW | Fitz and the Tantrums | Pearl Street Nightclub | Northhampton | Rose Rundown



By: Stephanie Rose

Fitz and the Tantrums and their modern Motown sound are returning to Massachusetts this summer. Although there’s no Boston tour date they can be seen Wednesday, June 11th in Northampton at Pearl Street Nightclub. Their funky groove is the perfect excuse to use that sick day and take a road trip to Northampton Wednesday with their two albums as the soundtrack for the excursion. Even with how quickly they have risen to fame they are still humble and grateful to every person that has helped them along the way.

“The Walker is a song that makes you want to dance instantly.” -Fitz on their latest single “The Walker”

Fitz may identify “The Walker” as to being the dance song off More Than Just a Dream, their latest album, but fans, old and new, will be filled with the heart and soul that this band permeates.

“The crowd was so loud that when we finished playing the third song it was, like,
screams to the point where I thought my ears were bleeding. The energy was just so insane and honestly, it’s been that way every time we come to Boston.” – Fitz

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