Portland Horror Film Festival terrified fans this weekend at the Hollywood Theatre


Written By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

Dozens of patrons of horror helped make the Portland Horror Film Festival possible for a second year. Along with these avid horror supporters the two founders, Brian and Gwen Callahan, have been the blood and guts behind this festival’s for the second year in a row. They aimed to represent diverse filmmakers from all over the world and they succeeded with showcasing over 40 films from 15 countries and even offered a special Women in Horror promotion for the month of February, waving the submission fees. This resulted in twice as many women being represented in this year’s festival.

Throughout the three day horror festival this past weekend at the Hollywood Theatre fanatics were able to view short and feature films from all sub genres of horror including animated, gangster, and zombie to name a few. The crowd went from roaring with laughter to gasping in horror watching the eclectic reel of short films and then settled into a different entertaining feature film each day of the festival. You Made Me Love You, a short animated film with six directors collaborating, provided horror through a man’s terrifying exploration of his memories. There were a number of films that were gory yet provided a clever humor to them including Last Resort, Vexed, Popcorn Slasher, and Couples Night. Atlas World as a terrifying short horror music video and Hope may have stole the show for the shorts with its clever and hilarious story, execution, and zombie character development. Every single film of the festival was worthy of representing and entertained fans throughout the theater.

Fans can appreciate the international and independent part of this festival, providing a place for aspiring filmmakers to terrify and entertain horror enthusiasts. The main sponsor of the Portland Horror Film Festival is AtmosFX providing digital decorations for every occasion. Even Gwen and Brian celebrate the fall season using these decorations to entertain trick-or-treaters.

Can’t wait until next year to get your horror fix? Head to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon October 6-8, 2017. For more information including guest and film announcements join the Facebook event.

Rose Rundown