Octoberfest | Scary and Halloween Films and Television Shows | Rose Rundown


Octoberfest | Scary and Halloween Films and Television Shows | Rose Rundown

Here are Days 1-15 of my Octoberfest filled with scary and/or Halloween themed television shows and films. Some I had seen and some I’d always wanted to see. Get some cider, donuts, pumpkin beer, carve a pumpkin, and watch one or all of these already!

Day 1: Dawson’s Creek’s “The Scare”
Rating: 6/10
Review: I’m sure most would give this an even lower rating but I will always have a special place in my heart for Dawson’s Creek and his giant forehead.

Day 2: Dial M for Murder
Rating: 10/10
Review: I’m happy to say now that I’ve finally seen this flawless Hitchcock film. The way he cuts from one character to the next in the last few minutes is flawless.

Day 3: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere
Rating: 7.5/10
Review: The Vampire Diaries’ kicked off the season tying up loose ends and already set the stage for what will be an incredible season. It’s not just another vampire show because the acting is quite impressive and story lines are unpredictable.

Day 4: The Awakening
Rating: 6/10
Review: The Awakening had a great twist but it was quite long and had some scenes I felt weren’t necessary to include. It’s available on Netflix if you’re interested.

Day 5: The Ring
Rating: 8/10
Review: I really liked the concept of this film when it came out but not only that, the soundtrack is phenomenal.

Day 6: Scream
Rating: 8.5/10
Review: I first watched this movie while babysitting in high school and by half way through I had double checked all the windows and doors and had a butcher knife on the table next to me.

Day 7: Are You Afraid Of The Dark’s “The Tale Of The Frozen Ghost”
Rating: 4/10
Review: Campy but awesome so yes the rating is low but come on you can’t help but love this episode if you watched the show as a kid.

Day 8: Carrie
Rating: 7/10
Review: The last 30 minutes of this film and John Travolta redeem the insanely cheesy and slow beginning of this film.

Day 9: [rec]
Rating: 7.5/10
Review: The suspenseful parts of this film were few and far in between BUT I always say quality over quantity and I definitely jumped a few times during this film


Day 10: Friends’ “The One With The Halloween Party”
Rating: 9/10
Review: Joey as Chandler, Chandler as a pink bunny, Monica as Catwoman, Phoebe as Super Girl, and Sean Penn guest starring as the solar system…AND one unforgettable arm wrestling match.

Day 11: Rear Window
Rating: 6/10
Review: Compared to Dial M For Murder I have to say this film was painful to watch. I can see how it was big in its time but I could have done without at least a half an hour of the watching in the beginning.

Day 12: The Nightmare On Elm Street
Rating: 7.5/10
Review: Campy yes but quite scary, especially when you’re a kid. Depending on the scene I’m either laughing or scared out of my mind.

Day 13: Modern Family’s “Open House of Horrors”
Rating: 7/10
Review: The first and last five minutes makes this episode EPIC. Watch to find out!

Day 14: The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror V”
Rating: 9.5/10
Review: There’s nothing particular great about this Treehouse of Horror it was on so I counted it, BUT I say that as a compliment to The Simpsons. ALL of the Treehouse of Horrors’ are incredibly entertaining and will definitely get you pumped about Halloween.

Day 15: Law and Order: SVU’s “Missing Pieces”
Rating: 7/10
Review: A baby supposedly gets kidnapped on Halloween. My favorite part is when the detectives go to the different registered sex offenders in the neighborhood to make sure they’re not handing out candy and run into this bozo.


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