Netflix can’t keep quiet with the suspenseful thriller ‘Hush’


Written By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

She’s deaf. She’s mute. She’s home alone. I normally provide more information than that but for Hush you just need to trust me. If you’re looking to be terrified this is the film for you. I’ve become more and more desensitized to horror films. Only a few in the last five years have truly scared me and this one joins them. I don’t enjoy gore too much, just a really good scare and lots of suspense, and Hush delivers. My heart was racing the entire time as I gripped onto my blanket paralyzed with fear. Who cares that I recommend it though? Let’s see what Stephen King had to say.

Need more convincing? Watch the trailer below. I personally turned off the trailer about 30 seconds in because it looked that good and I didn’t want to ruin any of it. I suggest you take it a step further, skip the trailer and just watch Hush tonight

Rose Rundown