Motown the Musical is a sensational hit at Providence Performing Arts Center


Motown the Musical made its debut at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Tuesday night. From the moment the music started I was mesmerized and brought to tears of joy for how magical this Broadway show was and how overwhelmed I was the throughout the entire performance. My eyes danced around the stage between the detailed costumes, constantly moving stage, and breathtaking silhouettes combined with vibrant stage lights.

It was like watching a film and concert in one. The acting, the direction, the choreography, and the mind-blowing singing were all sensational. In other Broadway shows the lights were dimmed when the stage setup changed but with Motown the Musical it was seamlessly worked into the choreography and transitions between scenes. The use of such pivotal Motown classics throughout the show as well as incorporating important historical events was balanced and broadened the awareness of every patron in the theatre. Throughout the night I was tapping my foot, shaking my hips in my seat, and clapping along. Motown the Musical is a true celebration of music and history and I urge everyone to get their tickets to this flawless show immediately.

Motown the Musical runs through Sunday, November 8 with two shows on the final day at the Providence Performing Arts Center. For more information on Providence Performing Arts Center and Motown the Musical head to their official sites.

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