‘In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life’

My So-Called Life

Written By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

Did you know that Angela Chase was suppose to have an albino white bob? Or that Claire Danes was only 13 when she audition for the role? It took almost two years to find a place for My So-Called Life on a network and by then Danes was the same age as her character. For someone who considers herself a fanatic of the show I was surprised to see how much I didn’t know from behind the scenes of My So-Called Life and In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life by Soraya Roberts explores the show’s ins and outs and how influential the show is still to this day.


I remember being curled up in a ball with my arms wrapped around my knees as I watched the first episode when I was ten years old. I was so fascinated by Angela and her friends but I didn’t fully appreciate the show until I rewatched it the summer before I started high school. My first crush was on Jordan Catalano, played by Jared Leto, and I can’t deny that it highly influenced the first few boys I had been attracted to and dated. I still watch the show start to finish every year and understand each and every character in their own way. One year I was Angela Chase for Halloween. I even went through a phase in my twenties where after a night of drinking, I’d make nachos, curl up in bed, watch My So-Called Life, and pretend I was in Angela’s world. It was and still is my escape sometimes.
If you want to take a trip down My So-Called Life nostalgia lane then this book is for you. It will also make you want to watch the show in its entirety again. At least in my humble opinion.

Rose Rundown