‘Gunpowder Moon’ will pull you face first into the struggle for survival on the moon


Written By: Kenneth Chappell

David Pedreira’s Gunpowder Moon is an engaging tale from page one, a small close knit crew of misfits struggle to survive in the hostile environment of an American lunar mining facility. When one of his own is killed, Dechert must unravel the mystery surrounding the moon’s first murder.

Snappy dialog and an interesting, albeit small, cast make these confined spaces and eerie landscapes come to life. Pedreira weaves poetry and reverence into his descriptions of the wasteland of Luna and of the cozy confines of the outpost they call home. Earth is nearly a foreign concept to the miners of this base, their way of life is so disconnected from the terrestrial politics that come to plague them.

At it’s heart Gunpowder Moon reminds us that in space borders disappear and humanity should know no distinctions by creed or political party. It challenges the efficacy and propriety of terrestrial conflict in spacefaring life, when survival is on the line and often depends on cooperation.

This taut sci-fi thriller makes us wonder whether human beings will be able to shed our petty border disputes and land grab mentality in order to press out into the universe. Gunpowder Moon will pull you face first into the struggle for survival on the moon.

Rose Rundown