Good Behavior by Blake Crouch

Good Behavior

Written By: Ken Chappell

Good Behavior by Blake Crouch is a fun ride through the criminal underground, that traverses the moral middle ground. Written in episodic form, Crouch breaks down the story of Letty Dobesh. Letty, a thief and a drug addict, rides a roller coaster of luck, both her fortune and misfortune are the result of her shaky moral compass.

The novellas demonstrate good exposition and fine character development, the story of Letty gains traction from one episode to the next, the reader has the chance to see her lament the difficulty of her situation, and the poor luck and poor choices that brought her there.

In this short collection we learn much about Letty, this foundation is well crafted and allows for a taut crime thriller to follow. In the author’s notes between chapters, Crouch describes the process of writing and developing Letty, and that of bringing her to television.

Letty is not the most charismatic figure, and her problems can sometimes feel a bit forced. However, the reader will no doubt be rapidly turning pages when Letty confronts a hitman or outwits a psychopath. Letty certainly earns some cuts and bruises in Good Behavior. I look forward to reading her further page-turning exploits and seeing where Crouch takes us.

Rose Rundown