Field Report plays Brighton Music Hall


Written By: Katelyn Brunner

On April 30, Field Report played one of their last shows with Joe Pug at the Brighton Music Hall. The forty-five minute set was incredibly diverse; Field Report’s intense soundscapes went surprisingly well with the more upbeat numbers, making the experience a very enjoyable—and memorable—one.

The writing on his newer tracks is very interesting, and to the attentive listener, complex. There is a good amount of wordplay in the lyrics, intricate melodies and hooks, and the sound is rich and warm. The set was fun to listen to and very well rounded. Field Report’s latest album, Marigolden, is like a more intense version of his live set. The sound is fuller and one can listen to his lyrics easier, but otherwise, Field Report’s best moments are easily brought to the stage. In other words, if you get the chance to see them, take it.

What is missed when listening to the album are the adorable stories and endearing witticisms tossed about between songs. Field Report interacts with the audience, and even took a request from someone clearly well acquainted with their music. The most interesting part about seeing the show is probably just being able to witness the love they have for music, and everything that comes with it. They are not pretentious, though many in folk-rock genre acquire that personality trait (along with a busy lumberjack beard). Field Report remains humble, fun-loving, and ready to compliment anyone and everyone that helped get them to the stage. Make sure you check out their newest single, “Home (Leave the Lights On)” for a taste of their sound. Also check out these photos from the show by

Go see them. It’s worth it.

Rose Rundown