‘Everything You Want Me to Be’ Book Review

everything you want me to be

By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

Everything You Want Me To Be is full of twists and turns and will be the first page-turner you want to read in the new year. Hattie lives in a small town and as she comes close to the end of her high school her friends and family finally understand why she wants to leave but before she is able to pursue her dreams she is murdered. As the investigation into her death begins it is evident that Hattie was a chameleon and actress not only on stage but off as well. She portrayed the most desirable side of herself to different people in her life to please them.

The members of Hattie’s small community are shattered and devastated by this tragedy and are left with more questions than answers. It’s a blend of a mystery and thriller because the reader suspects almost everyone at one time or another as Mejia unfolds the story. The story is also told in a unique way from three different perspectives including Hattie, the detective, and the high school drama teacher. Everything You Want Me To Be is a suspenseful and entertaining story and is the perfect gift for yourself or any reader that enjoys mysteries and thrillers and it will be released on January 3, 2017 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books.

Rose Rundown