Deadpool and his relationships: Top comic book stories


By: Mark Lynch

With the Deadpool movie coming out (or already out depending on when you are reading this), why not get to know some of the important people in his life. While I didn’t mention people like Taskmaster, Weasel, and Blind Al, I feel like the people I mention are five really important people to Deadpool’s growth.



5. Bob
Sure he has a last name, but he’s pretty much just Bob “Agent of Hydra” and the worst agent of a terrorist organization ever.

Issue to Read: Deadpool #54

Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Alejandro Garza

Reason to Read:
Deadpool has the realization that he may actually be a selfish a**hole and it took a coward and his friend to step up and show him why.

4. Theresa Cassidy
Theresa is the first woman Deadpool fell in love with just by the sheer sight of her. She is also one of the first people Deadpool was comfortable letting seeing his face. Even though he freaked out at first.

Issues to Read: Deadpool Mini Series 1-4

Writer: Ian Churchill
Artist: Mark Waid

Reason to Read:
Deadpool’s first real acts of selflessness. He gives up killing the monster who created him to help someone other than himself.

3. Wolverine and Steve Rogers
Wolverine always hated Deadpool because he thought Deadpool was a soulless mercenary only out for money. Cap hated, but respected him as a soldier. Both of them learned to respect him and eventually became his friend.

Issues to Read: Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Scott Kolins

Reason to Read:
Deadpool and an elderly Steve Rogers break into an A.I.M. (Advanced Ideas Mechanics) hideout to steal a knife with Wolverine’s blood on it so Logan can’t be cloned. They swap stories about Logan and why he was important to both them and the world.



2. Agent Emily Preston
Preston helped Deadpool become a better person and also helped him to realize that it’s OK to have people around him that love him.

Issues to Read: 1-45

Writer: Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn
Artist: Mike Hawthorne

Reason to Read:
I couldn’t pick one book in particular that showed what Preston means to Deadpool because it can’t be shown in one issue. Her contribution to making Deadpool who he is spans over the entire series and beyond.

1. Nathan “Cable” Summer
You can’t have a list like this without mentioning Deadpool’s former enemy turned bosom buddy Cable. The odd couple of the Marvel Universe and one of the most dangerous duos around.

Issues to Read: Cable and Deadpool 1-50

Writer: Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown
Artist: Patrick Zircher, Mark Brooks, and Reilly Brown

Reason to Read:
It’s funny, it’s a well told series, and the character development is absolutely amazing.

Rose Rundown