Challenge Your Senses with ‘ILLUSION Nothing Is As It Seems’ at OMSI


25440179_10102612222532286_3711881148383182818_oIs perception reality? Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s (OMSI) new exhibit, ILLUSION: Nothing Is As It Seems will make you ponder this question. With over 40 installations guests will experience a deception of the senses and discover which exhibits are able to fool them.

There are so many fascinating parts of the ILLUSION exhibit at OMSI. I felt that all of my senses were heightened and challenged. The interactive displays as well as the magic tricks tutorials and hands on activities all made it even more exciting. This is an engaging and interactive exhibit for all ages.
Don’t leave after the ILLUSION exhibit either because there’s so much more that OMSI has to offer. There’s the everchanging chemistry lab experiments, the Planetarium, and the beautiful IMAX theater. Another exhibit that was quite interesting involved taking an adventure into the permafrost. Under the Arctic: Digging into Permafrost transports visitors to the Arctic where the world’s only permafrost research tunnel lives. My favorite part was standing in front of a two minute time lapse of the breathtaking Northern Lights as they danced across the Alaskan sky.

ILLUSION runs through February 19, 2018. General admission to the museum is $14.50 for adults, $9.75 for youth (ages 3-13), and $11.25 for seniors (ages 63+). For more information on all that OMSI has to offer visit

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