‘Captain Marvel’ is Destined for Greatness

Captain Marvel

Written By: Mark Lynch

There is no doubt that Brie has the acting skills to pull this role off. The question is really whether or not the writers and directors can take Carol Danvers and turn her into a movie character that everyone will rush to the theaters to go see.

Brie Larson is in a great position. She has the opportunity to be Marvel’s premier female superhero in a world where we have all crave them more and more. Storm never really made the mark with Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp has only done one Storm film so the jury is still out. It also doesn’t seem like Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) or Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlett Witch) are going to get solo movies. This means you have Brie Larson being the actress to get the momentum going on what could be the start of more and more female solo superhero movies. This is amazing news for fans of heroes like Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Kamala Kahn and so many more.

What’s Needed
Do you know why everyone loves Wonder Woman? She’s a bad-ass. But it’s not just because she kicks but all over the universe. She also has a presence that comes with her. Wonder Woman steps on the screen or a scene in a comic and she is immediately the focus. Sure, she’s beautiful, but she also moves and speaks to let everyone know that there is no one more important in that moment than her. Carol Danvers has to have a similar presence.

Carol Danvers is former military so she was already a diligent hero before she even got her superpowers. Also, in the Ultimate Universe, Carol Danvers didn’t have any powers at all. This didn’t stop her from telling Thor where he could shove the beer he ordered her to get him. Nor did she shy away from pulling a gun out on her former boss Nick Fury when he was a public enemy. It’s the little things like this that will add to her being more than just some person who got powers and became a hero. Showing her as a proud, disciplined soldier as well as tough woman in general. In the room with heroes like Thor, The Hulk, and Captain America she has to be able to stand out and not only be seen, but be memorable as well. And this is something Captain Marvel can absolutely do.

Carol Danvers Will Be Different And Great
To some, Carol Danvers is a bit of a boring character. She doesn’t tell a lot of jokes, she doesn’t use a bunch of flying kicks and kung-fu moves, and she tends to be too serious and very bossy at times. It may be looked at that as a negative, but it will work in her favor. She should absolutely be bossy. Command respect from Tony Stark and Nick Fury. Be the serious person when things are getting to out of control. Every team needs that and it shouldn’t always have to be Steve Rogers. Having a hero that isn’t like the others is a good thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a serious hero. Actually, it might be a better idea to cut down on the banter and just beat the snot out of your opponent.

At the end of the day, Carol Danvers is going to be a great move for Marvel Entertainment. She’s a fantastic character with layers to her personality, super strength, and cool looking energy blasts. But for the love of Odin, as much as us guys would like to see her in the one piece, let’s stick with her in her Captain Marvel costume please.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

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