Bristol Warren Gallery Art Night Tours

Mosaic Gallery.

Written By: Sheila McElroy

At the juncture where Hope Street turns into Main Street, there is a granite bollard that stands about 4 feet tall. One side is carved with the letter “B” [for Bristol] and on the other is the letter “W” [for Warren].

From May to October, during the Art Night Gallery and Open Studio Tours of Bristol and Warren there are hundreds of folks who shuttle between the two towns, and never notice.

This may seem insignificant, but the symbolism is not.

The concept that two distinct and neighboring communities recognize their shared, artistic resources is outstanding. And regularly turning a spotlight onto the hard earned talents of artists instead of sport teams, politics, or taxes is worthy of applause.

The diversity of studios and artistic mediums is clear: from the vest pocket-sized studio of Kendra Bidwell Ferreira to the industrial hulk of Cutler Mills that houses numerous artists, such as Debora Baronas and Doreen Lindenburg.

There are many artists and the galleries that promote them, who together and individually, deserve recognition and support. But at its barest root is the fact that to thrive these talents need a nurturing environment – and what luck – they get two.

Check the schedule for Art Night Gallery and Open Studio Tours of Bristol and Warren at Participating studios are open from approximately 5-9 pm. Sign up for the FREE shuttle or print out the event roster to go at your own speed.

Photo Credit: Valerie Bretl

Photo Credit: Valerie Bretl

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