Andy Weir to release sci-fi space action thriller Artemis


On November 14th 2017 Andy Weir will release Artemis, his highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s The Martian. This second novel from the hard sci-fi writer comes to us with a new voice. Readers will enjoy the exploits and struggles of the protagonist, smuggler extraordinaire Jazz Bashara. The character gives us her witty and entertaining take on life on the moon. In Artemis, Weir has shrugged off some of the substantial science found in The Martian; this new novel doesn’t rely as heavily on scientific anecdotes to drive the plot. However, Artemis provides readers with plenty of material on Lunar/Artemisian life.

Jazz Bashara is a cunning smuggler and notorious smart ass. She’s taken pains to alienate herself from friends, family, and all authority on Artemis; the self-contained colony on the moon. Jazz signs on to do some industrial sabotage, to get the huge payout, and things start to go heinously wrong. It seems like she may have taken one risk too many. With her business partner dead, Jazz must help the government track down the killer whether she wants to or not. Her journey will test her intelligence and resilience, and strengthen the social bonds that she thought were broken long ago. Artemis is a small town, and so everyone must do their part to keep it peaceful.

This novel will appeal to fans of hard sci-fi, science fiction backed up by facts and based in reality. However, Artemis is accessible and remains interesting to those readers who are not looking for a technical breakdown of the life support systems on the moon (though we do get a crash course in this as well). Artemis is well paced and will draw readers along chapter by chapter, with witticisms, snappy dialogue, and ingenious action.


Rose Rundown