A new wave of horror films


Written By: Stephanie Rose Csaszar

Over the past few years there have been a number of horror films that have been well-written, far from predictable, and actually provide genuine scares. Below are horror films I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of year and a few I’m very excited to see in the next year. Enjoy the trailers below but I would highly suggest only watching the first 30 seconds. Save the scares for when you actually watch the films if you dare.

Craiglist ad answered by a videographer who heads to a remote mountain town. What follows will make you squirm in discomfort during the entire film.
Where to Watch: Netflix

She’s deaf. She’s mute. She lives in a secluded forest and thinks she’s alone. A heart racing thriller.
Where to Watch: Netflix

The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2
Demons. Possessions. Scares that make your stomach sick. Be prepared to watch something light afterwards.
Where to Watch: The Conjuring – rent from your library! The Conjuring 2 in theaters now!

Lights Out
If you aren’t afraid of the dark now you will be after watching this film. A woman is haunted by an entity that only appears in dark.
Where to Watch: In theaters on July 22nd

Dark Skies
Strange things start to occur to a family. I thought this was a typical haunted house story but instead it involves aliens. A number of scary and unsettling scenes throughout the film.
Where to Watch: Netflix

Rose Rundown